Memphis Wedding Photographer - Travis A. Malone

Edgy, talented, chic, and unique are some of the words used to describe his work. Art is his vehemence and there is nothing more important to him than putting in hard work to generate paramount results.

"Most photographers look at a picture as just a picture; however, when I capture, look at or imagine a picture, I envision a work of art, a masterpiece and an innovative creation of and for my clients" - Travis A. Malone

His creativity is displayed during each and every shoot that he does. His main goal is to always capture the right shot that compliment each individual moment. He's continuously stepping outside of the box to give you anything but traditional photos.

Born and raised in the small town of Covington Tennessee, his passion for art started many years ago as a young boy, but at the age of 17 when he assisted on his first wedding shoot he knew he wanted to be behind the camera. That passion left him wanting to do more with his talents. Since then he's worked with some of the best around and his craft has awarded him the opportunity to take his gift of photography all around the country. He's worked with the Single Wives Club, The African America Caucus of State Legislatures, Atlanta Braves and many more.

"As an artist, there is nothing like seeing my clients happy, excited and enthused once they take a look at the finished product. Seeing them smile gives me confirmation that I have succeeded in making their session a stunning success."

One of Travis's favorite captures from 2017. 


Jennifer & Rodney

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